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Lydia the Princess

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Lydia the Princess

I am Lydia.

I love art.

I do not like boys.

I love mom and dad.

I love tv and books.

I love my family.

I like chocolate ice cream.

I’m going to the beach. I am going to have fun. I’m going to  go with my cousins. We are going to play in the ocean, where the beautiful fish are. There is seaweed and when you put your feet on it it feels slimy. There is sand and not grass.We will swim in the pool, there will be one there. D, Papa, Bailey, Bryce, Uncle Brent, Daddy, Mama, me, Hayden and Ty are all going. I can’t wait, only 2 more days and that’s all!


A story by me:

I am a princess. I have two favorite buddies of mine, they are my brothers. They walk me to school everyday. They are very, very nice. I very much like my mom and dad. They are very sweet and nice. My mom is the queen and my dad is the king. My brothers are the princes and I am the only princess. When it’s dinner everybody sits down and puts their elbows off the table. They are very polite at the table, me too. At night-time we lay down, my mom, the queen, she tucks me in and prays with me and my dad. And they tuck my brothers in.

Lydia the Princess

Lydia the Princess
By: Me, Lydia


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We are a family of 5 that loves saving money, loves each other and loves adventures. We are all about making lasting memories, all the while saving the moo-lah!

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