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No more 11pm bedtime for this household!

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No more 11pm bedtime for this household!

Ooo…wee…the kids did not want to get up this morning! We started transitioning to the school schedule and the kids were none too happy. This is the first year we have ever had to do this. The kids have always went to summer care so they stayed on the same schedule all year. But with Chris staying home this summer they have enjoyed staying up late, REAL late and sleeping until whenever.

Granted they have over a week left before they go back but I didn’t want the 1st day of school to be hard on everyone. The teachers have enough to deal with on that day than to have to deal with sleepy, whiny kids. Not saying mine would be whiny – heaven’s no! Not my precious angels. πŸ™‚

I am a firm believer on kids getting a full nights rest, especially during the school year. So my kids must get at least 9 hours of rest a night but I try to make it as close to 11 hours as possible. It is better for all when they do.

Therefore, at 7pm last night we started the bedtime routine: baths, brush teethies, water, bathroom, prayers. They were fine with everything…until they started climbing in their beds and the “But Mom” started. “But Mom, it’s still light outside.” Man, why have I not invested in black-out curtains. πŸ™‚ So after explaining to them that although, it was still light it was time for bed. They huffed and puffed but made their way into bed. We did good, all kids were asleep by 9pm. They only tossed, turned, and played for an hour and a half.

Then the fun came – WAKE UP TIME! Going to sleep was so much easier than getting up. 6:30am rolled around and I went through the house singing and dancing to wake the whole house up, even the Big C was woken up. He didn’t like that too much. Hee…Hee..But he is going back to school too. πŸ™‚

The kids started complaining that it was still dark outside and why had I made them go to bed when it was light and wake up when it was dark. Maybe one day they will get the whole time thing. πŸ™‚ They were all dragging when I left for work this morning, hopefully, no one took naps today. But even if they did bedtime routine begins at 7pm.

Thankfully, for all of us they still have over a week to get adjusted. By next Friday, I envision bright eyed, excited kids ready for their first day of school. Hey, a mom can dream right!?!


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