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School starts Friday for my kiddos and this year I vow to be better organized. The beginning of the year always starts out okay but by December it all falls by the waist side. I like to be organized, I like to have a plan, and I don’t liunnamedke chaos especially, chaotic mornings. Kids crying, parents yelling, rushing out the door with hair unbrushed. Yes, my kids have went to school with their hair looking like they stuck their finger in a light socket. It’s usually okay for the boys because they can say they are going for the messy look but poor Lydia, bless her…thankfully, her hair is shorter now so that should help if we don’t stick to our my organization plan. And maybe with us blogging about our life it will help us with THE PLAN!

Every family has different tactics that they use to help with organization. I can’t really say every family, because I am sure their are those that just go with the flow. Hey, maybe you are one of those and if it works for you, great and you are amazing! But for our family having a routine and organization makes life so much easier and a lot less yelling. Win, Win!

So for the plan for this school year:

  1. Homework finished before dinner. This is not a new one and is something that we are typically good about – unless their is a major project that has been put off until the last minute. The kids know: homework first and then play. No exceptions! This is one thing that I have carried over from my childhood that I am thankful my mom made me do. At the time it felt like punishment but it helped me so much throughout college. Maybe one day my kids will thank me. 🙂
  2. Bookbags organized the night before and waiting by the back door. Again, not a new one but this one always seems to stop being a habit after Christmas. The kids do their homework and then leave everything laid out…EVERYWHERE.
  3. Baths – Always the night before. We try, really try with this one but this year we will get it all year…maybe.
  4. Lunches set out the night before – as can be. There are those last minute items that have to be added in the morning but in my head I vision bags laid out on the counter with non-perishable items in them ready for yogurt, sandwiches, etc. to be added. In my head at least. 🙂
  5. Dinner menu plan set on Sunday for week. Tried this one before but always fail.
  6. And for the grand one that we have never done before School Clothes picked out for the WEEK! My plan is to have the kids pick their school clothes out for the week on Sunday, iron as needed and have them labeled and on the hangers for them, so all they have to do is grab that days hanger and BAM! get dressed. No searching, whining, searching, yelling, searching! Ahhh…I can envision it now.  Every once in a blue moon we pick clothes out the night before but never, ever for the whole week. If we accomplish this, I think our mornings will be semi-bliss at least.  I found a few labeling options on pinterest:19cefc55f1591076f2d5db0e3f932523

But ultimately decided on the one above, mainly because  I like the chevron design. 🙂 Sometimes, you just have to go with the cute factor. I have them printed, laminated and ready for “clothes picking out Sunday.” I really hope this one sticks because it seems like it will make mornings so much easier and save so much time.

Well, that’s our plan or my plan at least. Not lofty goals but things that should help us have smoother mornings and overall be more organized. I am sure once school starts I will realize more areas that need fine tuning – we will get to those as needed. 🙂 Until then, this is our plan and we are sticking to it…hopefully!


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