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Frugal Friday – Black Friday

Friday’s are going to be all about Frugalness! Oh yeah, saving the moo-lah! Money, Money, Money – saving that green stuff!

A few weeks ago we shared what  our family skips to save a little dough, and now on Friday’s we are going to dive further into ways we all can save some money. It may be short and sweet or may be long and boring. 🙂 But we want to help others SAVE THAT MONEY!

Today, we are going to talk Black Friday! Don’t fret, you still have two months.
Two whole months of strategic planning, baby!


We usually start in the  beginning of  October (which is next week, craziness),  finalizing our Christmas list. Then we start scouring the sites for deals and keep an eye out for the leaked Black Friday ads. They always come out early! Last year the first leaked ad came out on October 11th, this year, since Black Friday is not until November 29th, it may be a week later. Our favorite site, the one we always recommend, is They  are great for not only Black Friday but also deals that come out throughout the year.

We love Black Friday, we use it not only to find a great deals but as a date night. Yes, we get our kicks by bargain shopping and fighting the crowds. We are a strange pair. 🙂


Strange pair 🙂

Some years we get all of our Christmas shopping done on Black Friday and some years we go to people watch and buy almost nothing. The deals have to be really great and rock-bottom prices for us to buy them. One of the many great things about, is that you can search for what you are looking for and it will tell you every store that will have it for sale on Black Friday and the prices. We love this feature! By the time Thanksgiving rolls around we don’t even have to look at the paper ads because our plan is already in place. On a side note, we really do not like the fact that stores are opening on Thanksgiving. It is called Black Friday for a reason! Just our two cents for what it’s worth. 🙂

Here is a list of what we do to prepare for Black Friday (you know we love those lists, well…Melissa 🙂 ):

1. Prepare early….now is a good time to start, you still have two months!

2. Make a list of what you will be looking for.

3. Use the internet to find leaked ads. Do not wait until Thanksgiving to prepare!

4. Search for the best prices. I really like Wal-Mart because they will price match, even on Black Friday! We hope they do not change that. Our strategy is to minimize the stores that we go to. If we can get almost everything at Wal-Mart by price matching, that’s what we do.

5. Write down all the opening times for each store, make a priority list of what you want to purchase and which store has each item and then compare. If what we really want is at Target and it’s the only place that has said item, that is our first stop. If Best Buy has an item that we kinda want but not high priority, they may be one of our last stops. It’s all about strategy!

6. Get your sneakers ready!


Lace those bad boys up and GET READY!

7. Have FUN! We aren’t always able to score what we are after but we never fret, it just wasn’t meant to be.

8. Get a lot of sleep the night before, take a nap if you can and grab that mug of pure caffeine.

9. If opening time is 4am, be there at 2am or earlier, if the item is  going to be in high demand.

10. Take a partner or a group. It is a lot more fun when you have someone to share in all the mad-ness!


And here is a word of advice: If you hate crowds, traffic, and no sleep, stay home and wait until Cyber-Monday. There are always great deals on this day as well and you get to shop in your ‘jammies, if you choose, in the comfort of your home.


About CaMpHoTeL

We are a family of 5 that loves saving money, loves each other and loves adventures. We are all about making lasting memories, all the while saving the moo-lah!

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