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Frugal Friday – Coke Rewards

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Frugal Friday – Coke Rewards

My Coke Rewards.

Enough said.

If you aren’t participating you should!

The end and that is all. 🙂

Just kidding, but seriously if you drink coke products or know someone that does then you must participate in Coke Rewards. We have been to Six Flags and the World of Coke by using our reward points.


Our free trip to World of Coke thanks to My Coke Rewards!

Family of 5 + free activities = Very Happy Family 

You can enter them on the computer or your phone. Super simple.

Here is an overview.

Every Wednesday they offer a reward for half price: magazines, Shutterfly photo books, movie tickets, flowers, and lots more!

What are you waiting for, sign up today!


New this week at My Coke Rewards:

Click here to sign up for the new rewards system – My Coke Rewards Beta and get your choice of a free gift.

To get your free gift:


My Coke Rewards and My Coke Rewards Beta are different, for now.  To enter points and get rewards sign up at My Coke Rewards – to be part of their new project and get a free gift sign up at My Coke Rewards Beta.


About CaMpHoTeL

We are a family of 5 that loves saving money, loves each other and loves adventures. We are all about making lasting memories, all the while saving the moo-lah!

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