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Where have we been?

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The members of CaMpHoTeL have been super busy these past 6 months and the blog has been the one to suffer. But now that we have finally gotten into a semi-routine hopefully we can start sharing our life adventures and money saving tips with you all again.

Our family of 5 is temporarily a family of 7. Our sweet nephews joined our family in November, so back to diapers and pacis and all things baby. It has been quite an adjustment but these boys will always have a place at Uncle Chris and Aunt Meme’s house, even after they return home  – which should be this fall.


Our family of 7.

We have been amazed at how well Hayden, Ty and Lydia have opened their arms wide for these little guys. When we sat them down to tell them that the boys would be joining our family all 3 were like “okay, how can we help?” I have shed many happy tears since November in amazement of our kids. They roll with the punches and have been huge helpers – we are truly blessed with the best kiddos around!

Pictures to me can always say more than words, so here are just a few of our great kids being well, just great! 🙂

Sweet hugs! Grayson loves his Hayden.

Sweet hugs!

Sweet smiles - Douglas and Ty.

Having a smiling good time!

Just a swinging'!

Just a swinging’!

Easter Pic

Easter Pic

So this is one or well, two reasons we have been so busy and the other – nursing school. This past semester was a toughie for Chris and with the added family members it got quite overwhelming at times. Truth – It was haarrrrddd. We could not have done it without the support of our family and friends and most importantly, our faith. We survived on one income, 2 more kids, a hubby stressed to the max with school and the kids were even able to play soccer. It has been a whirlwind but we survived! 🙂

So in short – this is why we haven’t had time to blog. Many nights we would get the kids in bed and crash ourselves – well, I would crash and Chris would go study.

Thanks for everyone’s support, encouraging words and still being our friends even when we are short and moody. Hope this explains some of it. 🙂

And thank you for hanging around  – more posts to come I promise!


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We are a family of 5 that loves saving money, loves each other and loves adventures. We are all about making lasting memories, all the while saving the moo-lah!

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  1. You do it well! Always having everything planned and ready to go!!1


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