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Sometimes we “run”

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Okay…I am not that bad but I don’t typically run just because. I have tried running, well, really more like jogging reaaallll slow. I have never understood why people say they are running when in actuality I can walk faster than they are “running.”  🙂 But whateves no judging for me, at least you are out there getting your exercise on.  Anyway, back to my trying out “running,” the benefits to me do not out-way the boredom, the knee pain, the foot pain, the trying to fit it in between the kids homework, soccer practice, dinner, etc. etc. Now, I can get on an elliptical and work it…as long as I can watch tv and zone out while working out. It’s very hard to run while zoning out, I would be flat on my face in the sweltering heat if I tried to do that. Yeah, I could get on a treadmill but to me an elliptical is less jarring on my knees and works my whole body at one time.

But the main reason the above comic is so funny, is because I will pay to run a fun 5k.  Yep, promise to throw dye on me, give me bubbles, make me glow, foam, where do I sign up?!? I don’t sign up just for the shirt but that is a nice perk too. 🙂 I don’t understand paying for a 5k just to run because you can do that for free anywhere. But paying for a fun, unique 5k I am all in! Usually, I walk/jog the race, most likely because I don’t do enough running in between the races but I really just go for the fun, the exercise is an extra plus. 🙂

We did a 5k this past weekend with the whole family and it was so much FUN! This was the kids first time joining us and I do believe not the last. Of course, anytime you say it’s okay to get dirty and there will be bubbles most kids would say, “I am all in!”

Before the race

Before the race

After the race

After the race

And more pics from the race:


Chris and Lydia


I love bubbles!


Hayden does too!


Ty really had a blast!

As you can see, we had a bubbly, great time and we even got our exercise on! 🙂  The name of this race was Bubblepalooza and I highly recommend it for a family day. We bought our tickets on, which made it incredibly affordable for our family of 5.

See…sometimes we do “run.”  🙂


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