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Our Family

The name CaMpHoTeL is an acronym for our family, well the capital letters anyway. We came up with it when we started geocaching to use as our log name and it has stuck. And here is our family…

C – is for Crazy Chris! The dad of this wonderful family! He will be starting nursing school this fall and we all couldn’t be prouder. Over a 1 1/2 years ago, we prayed and asked God which direction our family should take. The answer was clear, Chris should head back to school for nursing. Since then the doors have been opening wide and our family has and will continue to trust God to guide our path.

M – is for Memory Making Melissa! The mom to this lovely family! Her goal in life is to lead her 3 kids into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, create lots of memories with her family, and to create a happy home for her family and for others to enjoy.

H – Happy Hayden! The red-headed first born who is always a bundle of energy. He loves video games, MineCraft and reading.

T – Talented Ty! He is the 2nd boy to this family and is quick to pick up new things. He  loves legos, building things and taking them apart, sports of all kinds and teasing his brother and sister.

L – Lovely Lydia! The 3rd and only girl in this family (besides the mom.) She is very artistic, loves to read, dress-up, and listen to music.

Well, that is our family in a nutshell. Welcome aboard the CaMpHoTeL Adventure Express! All 5 of of us will be posting – so lookout you never know what you will read or see. 🙂


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