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You heard it here first…

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Mattox Q is on it’s way to becoming known outside of our small town. We have entered a BBQ competition and we are spending our summer perfecting the recipes and learning the ins and outs of our new smoker. Our first big trial run will be Friday, so far we have played around with it, tested a few things out but Friday it’s on…we are catering a baby shower/4th of July lunch. 🙂


Our new toy!

We are not under the illusion that winning the competition is well…a long shot but we are giving it all we got and it’s one step closer to our restaurant dream. 🙂
If you are in the Athens area the weekend of August 15th, then stop by the Classic City BBQ Festival to try out some unforgettable Mattox Q!




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L is for the loads and loads I could so do without!

A is for the amount – will I ever have a clear laundry room floor?

U is for unlikely!

N is for it never stopping. It keeps coming, people!!

D is for my dirty family. We must be for the amount of laundry I do!

R is for repeat and repeat and repeat…I just washed this shirt..didn’t I?!?

Y is for yippie! More laundry!!


So guess what I did all weekend?!? 🙂
Ding! Ding! We got a winner. Yep, laundry.
All day Saturday and Sunday I saw nothing but clothes and I am still not done. Yay for me! Since the summer began we have been having fun! Lots of swimming, camping, library, and adventures, which means my laundry pile grew and grew and grew and…well, you get the point! So this weekend I couldn’t take it any longer and spent my days off work washing, drying, folding and putting away clothes for 7 people. Thank goodness it was a rainy weekend so I didn’t miss being outside too much. Although, we could have been at the library and that would have been so much better.
But since a long holiday weekend is coming up I knew I had to make a dent in my laundry pile for us to have something to wear to enjoy the weekend without worrying about laundry. Who am I kidding! Without me worrying about the laundry.
So, no, the laundry is not done but we can sit on our loveseat once again! Progress, people, progress!

As you can probably tell I just love doing laundry! 🙂
Okay, I lie. It is definitely not a top ten (or even a top one hundred) of mine but despite that as I was folding and putting away the 7 plus, plus, plus loads of laundry I reminded myself of this quote:

I know that one day I will miss the endless piles of laundry, the mud stains on the knees, the dirty towels and most of all, my kids being this small! I am not ready to thrust the responsibility of doing laundry on my kids because that means I am one step closer to having no laundry in my house. I will teach them to do their own laundry, just not today! And until then, I will most likely continue having huge laundry recoup weekends! 🙂

Let’s get back to Frugaling our Friday! :)

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It’s been a while since I wrote a Frugal Friday post …like since November when I wrote about Magical Nights of Lights – I am slacking on the blog posts this year. Look up slacker in the dictionary and you might just see this face….


This gal is a slacker, at least in blog-land. 🙂

So I figured why not start back “Frugaling Fridays” TODAY! I can’t promise you a Frugal Friday post every Friday, or even once a month but I will try my best. That’s all any of us can do with our crazy, hectic and wonderful lives – just try our best! 🙂

So for today’s Frugal Friday post, I am talking MoViEs! Back when I was blogging on a regular basis, I wrote a post on Things our Family Skips to Save a Little Dough and one of those things were high-priced movie tickets. We still stick by that and tend to hit up the $2.50 movie theater (no longer the dollar movies – BOO!) or wait for movies to come out on DVD to rent from RedBox.

But now I have a little secret for you…
There is a way to go to the big, nice theaters for FREE and even see movies before the general public. Just this year, I have been given pre-screening tickets to 4 different movies. This week we went to Earth to Echo for a whopping ZERO dollars. Yep, it’s a fact Jack, it cost us nothing!


So…how do we do it?!? Sometimes, it takes a little work and other times we get an invite but here is a way your family can go to the movies for FREE.

1. Go to and create an account. Make sure you put in all of your account information and check the box that says Yes, please e-mail me invites and info about future movies. I believe they only send you invites to theaters local to the zip code you enter. Since I have joined there have only been 2 Athens screenings that I have been invited to. The other screenings that we have went to I had to do a little searching for RSVP codes to enter in at the site.

2. Where to search for RSVP codes? Here are a few sites that I use to find my codes. Keep in mind though if you have to search for a code it’s because the pre-screening is not local to your zip code. We saw Earth to Echo at the Mall of Georgia Regal Theater. Not too far a drive from Athens and the gas we used is still less than what it would have cost for the 5 of us to pay to see it at the theater.  Worth it to us! 🙂

  • Advance Screenings is where I usually find the RSVP codes. Sometimes, they will have links to sites with codes and other times it will be a contest to enter. You can also like their facebook page for up to date information.
  • Cinemit is another site to find codes and their facebook page.
  • 43KIXAtlanta typically has contests for you to enter to try and score RSVP codes.

So that’s how we go to newly released (or not even released yet) movies for FREEZAL!! If you haven’t noticed already, yes, I like to make up words. 🙂 Maybe if more people join from the Athens area, then they will start having more local screenings. Now that would be nice. 🙂
Hope to see some familiar faces at movie pre-screenings in the future.



Free Braves Tickets and a Kids Meal from Subway for Kids!

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And all they have to do is read!:) Which they should be doing this summer anyway. My kids still have to do their 30 minutes of reading every night – yes, I am that mom. But now there is a nice reward to all that reading!


Go here and register your kids for the Home Run Readers Program. It is open to all Georgia students in grades k-12. Kids must complete an online activity and read one book on sports or sportsmanship to receive a free Braves ticket and Subway Kids Meal. As they are exercising their brain cells, they will also be earning a Braves ticket. Win, Win!


Sometimes we “run”

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Okay…I am not that bad but I don’t typically run just because. I have tried running, well, really more like jogging reaaallll slow. I have never understood why people say they are running when in actuality I can walk faster than they are “running.”  🙂 But whateves no judging for me, at least you are out there getting your exercise on.  Anyway, back to my trying out “running,” the benefits to me do not out-way the boredom, the knee pain, the foot pain, the trying to fit it in between the kids homework, soccer practice, dinner, etc. etc. Now, I can get on an elliptical and work it…as long as I can watch tv and zone out while working out. It’s very hard to run while zoning out, I would be flat on my face in the sweltering heat if I tried to do that. Yeah, I could get on a treadmill but to me an elliptical is less jarring on my knees and works my whole body at one time.

But the main reason the above comic is so funny, is because I will pay to run a fun 5k.  Yep, promise to throw dye on me, give me bubbles, make me glow, foam, where do I sign up?!? I don’t sign up just for the shirt but that is a nice perk too. 🙂 I don’t understand paying for a 5k just to run because you can do that for free anywhere. But paying for a fun, unique 5k I am all in! Usually, I walk/jog the race, most likely because I don’t do enough running in between the races but I really just go for the fun, the exercise is an extra plus. 🙂

We did a 5k this past weekend with the whole family and it was so much FUN! This was the kids first time joining us and I do believe not the last. Of course, anytime you say it’s okay to get dirty and there will be bubbles most kids would say, “I am all in!”

Before the race

Before the race

After the race

After the race

And more pics from the race:


Chris and Lydia


I love bubbles!


Hayden does too!


Ty really had a blast!

As you can see, we had a bubbly, great time and we even got our exercise on! 🙂  The name of this race was Bubblepalooza and I highly recommend it for a family day. We bought our tickets on, which made it incredibly affordable for our family of 5.

See…sometimes we do “run.”  🙂